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The 2014 Property Tax Appeal Cycle is now closed but if  you would still like to file an appeal you still may have a chance.

2014 Late Filed Petitions

If you have missed the 2014 filing deadlines you may still have a chance to file a petition.  Extenuating circumstances must exist to show why a timely filed petition could not have been and/or was not filed.  In many counties late filed petitions are a two-step process.

The first step is to file a late petition with an accompanying affidavit or extenuating circumstances form.  After filing a “just cause” hearing may be scheduled to determine if there are sufficient reasons that prevented a timely filing.  In some counties a special magistrate will review the affidavit and extenuating circumstances and determine if the petition can proceed.  In either scenario a petition will have to be granted to continue to the “value hearing” which is the second step in the process.

If you did not timely file and have certain extenuating circumstances and wish to file click on the link below to start the process.

Tax Year 2014 Late

2014 Property Tax Flyer

2014 Petition Forms

The 2014 Property Tax Appeal Cycle to timely file is now closed, but if you have filed a Petition on your own.  We can help.

2014 Self-Filed Petition Forms

The 2013 Property Tax Appeal Cycle is  now closed, but if you have filed a Petition on your own.  We can help.

2013 Self-Filed Petition Forms


Do you pay more than your Fair Share of Property Taxes?

Recent property taxes assessment seem not to be in-line with the current real estate market.

If you have been wondering if you’re paying too much in property taxes, you are probably right! it is worth the time to investigate and be sure you are paying only your fair share of taxes for your property.

Assessor’s property appraisals should result in fair and accurate tax assessments, but the truth is the mass appraisal process is subject to errors. Over assessments can and do occur.  Appealing Your Property Taxes may reveal these errors or things overlooked in your current assessment and the result is lower property taxes.

You should appeal you taxes if:

1. You have recently acquired real property

2. Your assessment has substantially increased from the previous year

3. Property has high vacancies

4. Property has physical damage from fire, weather, or age

5. Property has been recently improved with and addition or a remodel

6. Have lost a Florida Homestead Exemption.

7.  Experienced a loss in value due to declining market conditions

8.  You believe the local property appraiser has over assessed you.

Why Property Tax Management?

The process involved in appealing your property’s assessment can be a confusing, and time consuming process.  When you appeal your property taxes with Property Tax Management LLC we handle all aspects of this process for you.  We have well developed case building strategies utilize the most up-to-date real estate analysis tools and technologies.  We thoroughly analyze your property taking into account its specific conditions, the relevant real estate sales data and current market trends.

Property Tax Management, has the professional skill and experience necessary to provide you with results.

We can save you money or no fee!

No Reduction = No Fee. For each folio filed you are responsible for the $15.00 county filing fee plus a $10.00 file processing fee, but that’s it. You pay nothing more unless we successfully obtain a property tax reduction for you. Click here for further Fee Information.

Our Services and the Process.

After we file the petition for you we prepare for your upcoming property tax appeal.

The first step is analyzing your property and its current assessment  Next we gather the relevant evidence of value:

  • Identify the market comparable sales
  • Check comparable assessments
  • Gather and prepare pictures, maps, site maps, and aerials of your property
  • Property income / expense analysis and generation of reports (if applicable)

With this information we  then prepare a highly effective case for a reduction that is tailored to your specific property. We then consult with the local property appraiser’s office and handle all correspondence with them.  The last step is to appear before the Value Adjustment Board on your behalf and present your case for tax reduction.