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Nicholas A. McCarville, Esq. Lic. Florida Real Estate Broker

How do I appeal property taxes?

Send us an e-mail or call us with your property addresses.  You can also fill out our forms by clicking here and then mail them along with a $25 check for the filing fees  made out to “Property Tax Management LLC.”  We will respond with a confirmation, and your appeal will be filed.  Property Tax Management, LLC., must accept the contract.

How much do your services cost?

There is no charge for our services unless we lower your taxes.  If we are able to lower your taxes, then our fee is 33% of the tax savings.

All folio’s filed must pay the state imposed $15 filing fee plus $10 processing fee.

When Can I file an Appeal?

Timely petitions must be filed the local VAB no later than 25 days following the mailing of the Property Appraiser’s “Notice of Proposed Property Taxes.” These notices are mailed out in August every year. For the current deadlines in your county please call the office 305 677-3619 for details.

What happens after I file?

Once filed, the VAB will schedule a hearing in front of a VAB appointed Special Magistrate who will hear testimony and consider evidence presented Property Appraiser’s representative and Property Tax Management LLC. After the hearing, the Special Magistrate will make a recommendation to the VAB as to whether or not an adjustment to your tax assessment should be granted, and the VAB will later consider and act on the Special Magistrate’s recommendation without further hearing.

What is the “Value Adjustment Board?”

The Value Adjustment Board’s membership consists of the following:

* Three (3) members of the County Board of County Commissioners

* Two (2) members of the School Board

The Clerk of the Circuit and County Courts is the Clerk of the Value Adjustment Board (VAB). The VAB as a panel considers and renders a decision on all appeals of property assessed values, classifications and exemptions. The VAB has no jurisdiction or control over taxes or tax rates established by Taxing Authorities. The VAB’s primary function is to hear evidence as to whether or not properties, petitioned for their consideration, are assessed at their proper value and/or whether tax exemptions or agricultural classifications should be approved. The VAB cannot change your assessed value or grant an exemption or agricultural classification for any other reason, such as inability to pay.

To assist the VAB, the VAB appoints Special Magistrates who are either qualified real estate appraisers, personal property appraisers, or attorneys, to conduct hearings and make recommendations to the VAB on all petitions. The primary issue for an Appraiser Special Magistrate to decide is whether or not the assessed value of the petitioned property exceeds its actual market value as of JANUARY 1ST of the relevant tax year.

Both the VAB and the Special Magistrates are independent of the Property Appraiser’s Office. In fact, the Property Appraiser is merely another party before the VAB or the Special Magistrate, just as is the petitioner (taxpayer).

If the VAB decides that it does not agree with the Property Appraiser’s Office regarding the assessed value of a petitioner’s property, the VAB has the authority to reduce the property’s assessed value to its actual fair market value.

If I file an appeal with the VAB  do I need to pay my taxes before the hearing results?

The one part of the property tax process you have control over is the early payment discount. You should pay your property taxes in November to obtain your 4% early payment discount regardless of whether or not you have appealed your assessment the filing of a petition should not prevent the taxpayer from paying the taxes as stated early  to obtain an early payment discount.  If not paid early make sure to always pay your property taxes by the due date to avoid delinquency and late payment fees and penalties.  As of 2011 the law has changed taxpayers  make sure that they pay their taxes before they become delinquent.  If not the VAB is required to automatically deny  the petition on the filed property.  Meaning there will be no chance of a reduction and the property taxes will be delinquent.   If the appeal is successful a refund shall be issued for the over payment and possibly with interest.  See Fla. Stat. §194.014.

When will my VAB hearing be scheduled?

This may take some time and the VAB hearing schedules vary from county to county.  The hearings can start as early as October and can continue into November of next year.  We do not control when the VAB schedules your hearing.

When will I get my Property tax refund if the appeal is successful?

If you paid your property taxes before your VAB hearing a refund will be issued for your over payment. These refunds issued from the county tax collector’s office usually take six to eight weeks from the time the hearings are held. However, during certain times of the year refunds may be later than usual.

If I appeal my property taxes can they be raised during the appeals process?

No, by appealing your assessment can only be lower based on the evidence presented at the hearing, or your assessment will remain the same as originally assessed.